Sunday, August 23, 2009

Jitney Holdup

Saturday afternoon (08-22-2009), I have found out that the Jitney (01K) that we rode from Cebu Doctor's University to SM was holdup. A man pointed a gun to a lady while asking for her cellphone and a student was forced to give his bracelet (happens to be the classmate of my cousin) was sitting in the rear of the jitney.

These holdups are common here in Cebu and the police authority are not doing their so called motto - Serve and Protect.

These are the places that you should watch out: white gold (jitney routes of 01K, 21B, 21A), Barangay Parian, Colon. Because there are no police deployed in these places (as if they ever existed).

Visit Cebu to experience these things.

Is Cebu a safe place to live in? Think again!

Jitney Snatchers

Yesterday afternoon (08-22-2009), my friend and I went to Cebu Doctors University (CDU) through a jitney having the number of 01K (from Urgello to the North Bus Terminal). Some 01K jitneys included CDU in their route.

When we reached Barangay Parian, two ordinary looking men stopped the jitney and rode. After few meters away, the smaller man said "Mamatay man pud ta diri, pwerteng inita" and went down, his companion followed him and grabbed the two Cellphones of a student and walked away as if nothing happened.

Snatchers are common in a progressing city and sad to say, the Police are doing nothing. Snatch victims are not reporting the incidents anymore to the Police Authority. Why? because policeman will just going to make the report and do nothing.

They deploy Barangay Tanods (what can they do against a criminal with a gun) to ensure the safety of the Barangay...

Now, do you think that Cebu is a safe place to live in? Think again!